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Cloud camera voice function


    Cloud camcorder stores the videos recorded every day through anju cloud network, which is simple, convenient and more secure. Can the cloud camcorder make two-way calls?Is there any distance limit?Some friends in the purchase of the cloud camera do not know if they bought the cloud camera has this function.

IP camera

    Traditional network cameras have not with voice function, only alarm functions, see also can use local computer to view or forwarded by peanut shell function operation trival very vexed, cloud camera built-in high-definition microphones and MIC, the user can through the clouds on a mobile phone camera APP users of real-time communication and monitoring area, not restricted areas,Instant phone call is available for both business trip and office.

IP camera

    Some network camcorders do not have the function of looking back, and users need to download the video regularly to view it. Cloud camcorders can watch the video in real time through the cloud camcorders APP installed on mobile phones, without missing all the wonderful moments.It's that simple.When the cloud camera is installed, all you need is a phone to control it online.