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Which devices are supported by the surveillance camera


    Do you know what devices wireless surveillance cameras support? A few years ago, haikang only support Windows OS computer use, can not remote monitoring view? You can't use your iPhone to connect. What about the wireless surveillance cameras that are now on the market?

Wireless surveillance camera

    Wireless surveillance cameras not only support PC connection, but also support the installation and use of Android and Apple IOS systems. Users only need to download the corresponding wireless surveillance camera APP on Android Hongmeng system and Apple IOS system and then connect and operate according to the prompts.

Wireless surveillance camera

    Wireless surveillance camera installation is also very simple, fixed surveillance camera connected to the power supply, through the mobile phone to download the corresponding surveillance camera APP can be connected and installed according to the prompts. By default, one surveillance camera can be shared with 3 to 5 users in different places at the same time through the sharing function. Compared with the traditional surveillance camera of several years ago, it is more convenient and simpler to use.