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How do surveillance cameras look at different angles?


    Can the security cameras check different angles of the year? How to view different angles after installing surveillance cameras. Some users in the installation of surveillance cameras found that their own surveillance cameras can only see one direction, can not see other angles, xiaobian believes that users want to view different angles through a surveillance camera, you should choose a rotating surveillance camera with head.

surveillance camera

    The PTZ surveillance camera supports rotation in horizontal and vertical directions. Users can rotate the PTZ surveillance camera in different angles through the arrows up, down, left and right through the HD surveillance camera APP installed on the mobile phone to view different situations. The PSS surveillance camera is suitable for home use. The user only needs to install the PSS surveillance camera in the living room or in the position of the door to understand all the situation at any time and anywhere. If you are still in the surveillance camera, you can only view one direction, covering a small area, small make up recommend you replace the PSS surveillance camera.