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Can HD surveillance cameras rotate?


    Can high-definition surveillance cameras even rotate? Some friends after installing the surveillance camera because the monitoring area of the surveillance camera has a limit, there is no way to view different areas. Only by installing multiple monitoring devices can you view different areas from different angles. Xiaobian thinks that you can install a cloud platform monitoring camera to view different areas.

surveillance cameras

    Hd yuntai surveillance cameras, and support the horizontal and vertical Angle of rotation, the user can through the mobile phone to install surveillance camera APP, manual operation yuntai surveillance camera rotation Angle, checking their different angles to meet the needs of users in indoor environment, and too many home don't want to install surveillance cameras but they want to see all areas of demand.

    The PTC monitoring camera supports two-way voice calls. Users can have real-time calls with users in the monitoring area through the monitoring camera APP installed on their mobile phones. In the process of remote monitoring, if abnormal people are found to enter, users can also drink through the monitoring camera APP in time to ensure the safety of personnel and property.